How I Stay Sane Being Sick So Young

This is a tough topic. Everyone has their coping ways. I honestly just try to laugh it all off. I know that that isn’t the best way but it helps me laughing about how messed up this all is. I obviously have better coping tactics like making sure to take care of myself. I really love making “me time.” I’ve really started to become independent and do things for myself and not rely on my friends as much. After all, I am that unreliable friend that will cancel last minute because I don’t feel well. Of course that kills me and makes me feel like I am a terrible friend but I really can’t help it always. So I do my own thing, tire myself out.

I honestly didn’t realize how sick I was until I went to the hospital this time. I feel like I have been downplaying it for a long time because I didn’t want to be viewed as different. Well, I have to be different right now and that’s okay. I just want to do the same things my friends get to do and that gets hard. Like for example take tonight. Tonight is Friday Night which means Happy Hour. Happy Hour means getting drunk. Which I can’t do. Which is fine because alcohol honestly makes me feel horrible. Literally half of a margarita ruined my night. But that’s just how life is and I am going to have to find other ways to enjoy life like blogging.

I really love blogging and it has helped me stay sane. I have met and had the support of so many great people and I cannot thank everyone enough for it. It has truly changed my life for the better. So the answer to how I stay sane being sick young is blogging. It helps me clear my mind and get my thoughts out to the world. It is also something I really enjoy. I just hope that when I am better I can be more into it and improve my pics and my blog posts. It’s just hard to keep up unless I am feeling good. I am hoping the IVIG helps me achieve my goals and gets me into remission so I can write and bring more content to my site! How do you stay sane? Let me know in the comments!

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