Hardships in Sickness

There are tons of hardships in chronically ill people socially, economically, and academically. I’ll give you some examples that are what I’ve been going through and what I go through on an everyday basis. 


This is probably the worst and hardest category of them all. I have to live a completely different life from all of my friends. I feel antisocial in a sense. The truth is I barely went out last semester because I can barely drink or keep up with my friends. It sucks. There’s no way to sugarcoat it. I miss out on opportunities daily and I’ll never get them back. I try to find replacements to fill the hole of sadness (i.e. a puppy which my doctor did not approve this visit.) Some people (and boys) won’t talk to me after they find out how sick I am which also sucks. Sometimes I imagine just dropping everything and driving away from all my problems. No pain, no restrictions, no sleepiness, no pills etc. I will never get that which is upsetting. I can’t just run away from my problems, instead I have to look at them in the eyes everyday of my life. 


Having an autoimmune disease is very costly. I feel like such a detriment on my family. I know I’m only 21 but I wish I could contribute to all my medical expenses. I can’t have a job and haven’t had one since I was 16. Do you know how bad that looks on my resume? I’m worried my career in the future. I hope I will get some opportunity to prove that I’m more than just an illness. 


I am an example of someone who can barely function getting through school with a GPA of a 3.76 this semester. I didn’t even know if I was going to go back to school this semester and I did. I did better than ever. Even though this was my best semester I never ever did worse than a 3.0. I’ve been so dedicated to get through college even though I have a double life of doctors and blood work and medication and a body attacking me. 

Bottom line: I’ll be okay and so will you. 


2 thoughts on “Hardships in Sickness

  1. You seem to have a very good head on your shoulders. I’m in college also and find it to be exhausting to go out and keep up with friends, but I have learned to focus on myself and my health. Similar to you, I also have a few health problems that set me back. There are so many more years to enjoy, this is just the beginning so do not worry, there are more beautiful days to come 🙂

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