Good News

Well guys it’s finally here. We know what we’re going to do to try to get me into remission. It is a dangerous infusion but it could really help me in the long run so I am all for it. Basically the plan will be to go home once a month and get each infusion for a week straight. Hopefully if it doesn’t wear me out I can get some blogging done! It will be useful time for that. But I am a little bit nervous. There are some major side effects that could possibly go wrong. But then again there are always risks for everything you do and take. I just am imagining what I can do if I get into remission. I will be able to live my life on a whole different level. AND I may get my foods back eventually.

Right now I am diary free, gluten free, and nut free. I kind of cheated today but I didn’t get sick so I am not telling my doctor (french fry cooked in peanut oil…oops.). I honestly did that because I am frustrated because theres not much left I can eat. I am practically vegan right now. That is the last thing I ever thought would come out of my mouth. I sometimes eat chicken and fish but that’s about it. Like I will have sushi tomorrow night and I eat salmon, shrimp, and tuna. I am a picky eater like I’ve told you guys before so my palette is very limited and my doctor has taken almost all of my daily foods so I am lost right now. I will keep you updated with my new foods.

Maybe I’ll start to loose weight because theres practically nothing left for me to eat that I like! That would be a huge plus. Like I would be fine eating the way I am eating if I loose weight. It is miserable, but I’ll look good.


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  1. Hi Syd, its been a while since I checked in with you. I am no reading what you’ve posted so I will be up dated and I hope that you are doing much better and are able to eat the foods you love. 💐💕✌️🏽👆🏽

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