Hi guys-So today I had the worst flare I’ve had in a while. I had to give myself the first shot I’ve had to in a few weeks. Last night I was so dizzy I almost passed out during my sorority’s chapter. Then today i woke up in a massive massive cold sweat. Which led to the worst headache I’ve had in a while, and inflammation and dark circles around my eyes. I’m trying to figure out what’s causing it. I’m pretty sure it’s adjusting my medication and I’m due for a blood level this week. I’ve had so much aniexty lately because I have such a busy schedule I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up. I’m really really hoping I can. I should be taking it day by day but I’m not sure I can really have that mindset. Deep breathes and a positive mindset will get you through the toughest times. 


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