First Day of Classes

Well, I have officially started my senior year of college. I honestly feel so old right now. I only had one class today and I kept switching it up so I had no idea what class I was going to take this morning. The only thing I don’t like which I mentioned before is that I have three classes Tuesday-Thursday and one class Monday-Wednesday-Friday. Also, I used to never have Friday classes so I am a little bummed this semester. I think I was so nervous today that I made myself so tired. I don’t know why but I felt this sense of major fatigue come over me after my one class today. I napped (kind of) for two hours and then made myself some coffee and here I am writing this little blog!

I am really hoping that I continue to do well this semester. It’s going to be different because I’ll be going through treatment so it might be harder. But who knows maybe this time next year I’ll be in remission. One can only hope. I still don’t have an exact diagnosis which is a pitfall for me but I am managing. It’s changed so much since I first got sick that maybe one day it will have an exact name. Or if you really think about it I technically have a new disease if it’s never been named. Could it possibly be named after me?!?! I don’t really think that would be something to brag about though. Who knows but I am really hoping to be happier this semester and keep doing my thing. If you haven’t read it yet, check out my semester goals!

Guess you’ll find out how the rest of my classes this week go soon!! Good luck to anyone that’s in school again too!


6 thoughts on “First Day of Classes

  1. Good luck for this year, I’m sure you’ll do amazing. Remember to have fun as it’s your last year so make the most of it! Would love if you checked out my blog, I’m quite new here! x

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