Finals Week

So this week is doomsday week. Everyone is very stressed out and ready for break. I am so ready for a break but I’m lucky I only have one final and a presentation. Also, I’ve been feeling a lot better lately so I am pretty happy. The only thing that’s bothering me is how tired I still am. I just need to wake up. I am super excited because I LOVE the holidays! I just need to go get gifts for my family. It’s also super hard because this is the time you eat the most junk food and gain the most weight. I hid the chocolate from myself (I made an emergency stash for when I really need it, and I put it at my top shelf of the top cabinet so I literally half to climb up on the counter to even see it) I hope I forget about it though! I tried to have a holiday party last night but failed. I invited 30 people and only 4 showed up. Maybe next time I won’t have it the night before finals week. Didn’t really think that one through….


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