Feeling Left Out

Hey guys-

So this week my sorority is going through recruitment to find new members. Since it is an a strenuous activity I am not allowed to participate. Just so I can show you how strenuous it is–today we had to see 630 girls in the span of 10am-8pm.  People were posting pictures on instagram and thats when it hit me–I wasn’t included. I am used to feeling left out but it doesn’t get easier each time. I have to remind myself I’m not normal but that still doesn’t help the situation. It’s something you kind of have to shrug off. For me sorority has been a life saver. My sisters have become some of my best friends in life. Yes that sounds so stereotypical but it’s the honest truth. My sisters have been by my bedside, at the hospital and so much more. They are truly amazing people I can rely on. If you’re coming into college or even in college and have an opportunity to join a sorority do it please. They are the best support system if you find the right sorority for you. Everyone is super friendly and sweet. It’s honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made.


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