Exertion is Exhausting

One thing I really struggle with is exertion and exhaustion. Both for me, go hand in hand. If I exert too much than I get exhausted. Quite frankly, I feel like an 80 year old. Today was one of those days where I exerted too much and even writing this blog is hard for me so I am probably going to keep it short. I heard it’s better to write longer blogs, but not tonight.

Most people I come across don’t understand the concept of exertion and exhaustion. They see a “normal” girl and think how is that possible?? Some days I wonder myself. There’s not much that I can do until I get my treatment settled out (hopefully Friday!!). I honestly wish there was something I could do because it causes me a great amount of anxiety. It’s just hard because you see normal 21 year olds doing so much in a day. I tend to spend a lot of my day in my apartment. I decided I am going to keep myself busy with my blog and hopefully I keep my word. Sometimes my fatigue gets the best of me and that is why I haven’t kept up with my blog.

I just honestly hope I can get this fixed so that I can adventure. It’s always been a dream of me to travel and see the world and hopefully I can get that done. I don’t want to make a bucketlist yet because I know it will depress me. But, I need to keep going and that is the point of this blog. No matter what is in your way keep going. I kind of think of Finding Nemo when Dory says “Just keep swimming.” Sorry this is pretty short but I need to share that with you guys! Hope you all are doing fantastic and I hope you guys have a good week! By the way, I am trying to figure out what days I am going to blog when I go back to school (next week, ugh).


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