Everything Is Not As It Seems

If you are a millennial, you would know we are all concerned about our reputation. We are all concerned about how many likes we get, how many followers we have, and how many comments are made. We all make our life look better than it is. We edit our photos and put on a different personality. If you looked at my profile, you wouldn’t know I was sick at all. On my good days, you would assume I was just a normal college girl that could do anything. I put on a brave face and move on with my day reminding myself I may not be normal but I am living life too. I’ve realized I’ve made myself have a different persona on social media than what really happens. I cover up my suffering, my burdens, and every day challenges. I do this because I don’t want people to look at me differently or run from me just because I’m sick and I’m young. It’s gotten me into a questionable place but once I explain everyone understands. I was talking to someone today and when I explained why I go out, they said they would’ve never thought of it like that. I just think it’s so important how you portray yourself. You have to be so careful about what you post or how you post something. Obviously everyone makes mistakes but I’ve learned that I like to keep my profile lowkey and normal so that I can feel like I fit in. It’s my way of coping with my everyday life, and everyone has their ways of dealing. 


2 thoughts on “Everything Is Not As It Seems

  1. I also adapted an online personality once in an effort to fit in
    but at a certain point I got fed up of trying so hard to be who I wasn’t and was like love me or hate me i’m just going to be be from now on.It wasn’t easy though.
    I do hope you get better soon.

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