How My Dog Helps With My Illness

My dog has been my best friend through out my sickness. She is always wanting to make sure I am okay. Dogs love being in packs and she considers my family her pack. No matter how I am feeling she will stick around. She sleeps with me during the day, asks for belly scratches, and wants to play. I think she has def kept my spirits up long term.

A bad situation that proved she cares was very recently. About a week ago, I had a terrible reaction to my medication. I couldn’t focus or do anything and she knew. Tears were rolling down my face and my dog didn’t leave my side. She kept licking my face for about a half hour. Then she started licking my hands. I think she was worried and was trying to keep me from passing out.

Dogs are such loyal animals. It brings me a sense of comfort when my dog is with me. I think that they’re such great animals with people who have illness’ or disabilities. When I was being hospitalized in Michigan they brought in dogs for us patients to pet. When I went to go see the dogs, it made me completely forget what I was suffering from. It was such a stress relieving experience. Dogs can really turn a sour person into a happy person. They make you forget/distract you from anything else you were thinking about whether it be good or bad.

The fact that my dog tried to do something to help and that she is not trained to blows my mind. I don’t know, I just thought I’d share how incredible dogs are and how smart they are to pick up on certain situations.


7 thoughts on “How My Dog Helps With My Illness

  1. Our animals are so precious. My cat is the same. She knows when I’m not well and stays close. She’s super independent, but she will smother me with attention. It’s really out of character lol. We are lucky.

  2. Couldn’t agree more! I have a German shepherd, who is my biggest protector. He’s always near and when I leave the bed he’s watching over me like a mother hen. When others take him for walks he looks longingly at me like c’mon mom and then he refuses to go any further than to take care of business so he can hurry home. He too licks me and smells me when I’m really not doing well. I feel so blessed to have him here. It’s a different kind of company, but it’s good company none the less.

  3. Absolutely true! I suffer from depression and anxiety attacks. With that comes physical and mental strain. My dog seems to understand and will stay by me during my bad bouts. I also was diagnosed with sleep apnea last year. Sleep apnea means you stop breathing while you sleep. Before I was diagnosed or knew what was happening, my dog was randomly waking me up during the night for no reason. After I got the machine, he stopped waking me up. I think he was digging at me whenever I stopped breathing. He’s definitely a blessing.

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