Being Independent on Independence Day 

People constantly nag me about my relationship status. I usually keep quiet about it just because it’s kinda a rough topic for me. Over time I’ve realized my health situation is a lot for people to handle. Just having good friends around is tough enough.

I’d personally feel so bad dragging a boy into my situation right now. It’s a lot for someone to date someone chronically ill. Chronically ill people have a lot of limitations and can need extra help with things when they go downhill. I wouldn’t oppose if a boy genuinely cared, but I get that thats a really hard commitment.

In general, I’m also not always ready to tell people about my health right when I meet them, because I am so afraid they will leave me. I am like this because when I first got sick, everyone left my side for different reasons. It was super hard to go through something like this without the support of my friends and my previous relationship. But honestly, I thank them for doing that because it has made me a much more grounded and strong person. I feel like I am able to be so much more independent.

My age group tends to be a little more self-centered because we’re so young and most naive. In time I know that I will find the right person for me but right now, I’m ready to learn how to be independent with Autoimmune Disease first.


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