Behind Closed Doors

Everyone has an alter ego or different life behind closed doors. I’ve been sharing mine with you guys since May.  Most of my friends and family don’t really know what I go through on a day to day basis. They only know the “Sydney who looks pretty good, and doesn’t seem too sick” or “Sydney who’s out on a Friday night with the rest of her college friends”. I’m very lucky to have those sides of me when I can. Lately, I’ve been soo MIA in everyone’s life and I feel so bad. But at the same time, no one really knows what I go through and how I feel and what it’s like unless I tell you guys.

I wish I didn’t have to have that side of me but it’s taught me to be grateful. I also learned how naive people can be. They can say some nasty stuff, and act in a way that is very surprising. Even people you would never imagine.

In Other News….

Last night was my first night out back at school! Although, I had to celebrate sober it was so fun. I got to see people I haven’t seen since I was almost on my death bed! LOL. It’s so crazy to have people coming up to me and telling me that they read my blog. I am forever grateful for all the support I continue to get! Xx


7 thoughts on “Behind Closed Doors

  1. Sydney I don’t mean to pry but is your Auto Immune disorder a specific one? I have Hashimoto’ Disease (Auto Immune disorder of thyroid) and Epilepsy. I haven’t blogged at length about it but I been reading your stuff and at times I feel like I really relate.

    1. Right now it is Connective Tissue Disease–my doctor thinks it could turn into something even more specific but we’re waiting to see if it stays the same or develops into something else.

      1. Oh wow, again you probably stated that in earlier blogs just started following like a few days ago maybe. Anyway, thanks for answering. Fingers crossed it doesn’t turn into anything more. Me I have chronic nerve pain these days and my doctors still don’t know what that is. And I always see others with Auto Immune disorders saying how common it is to get one diagnoses and then end up with several more 🙁

      2. I’m so sorry that you have to suffer through this as well!!! Yes I got more diagnosis for POTTS and food intolerances so I can relate

  2. Sydney,

    I stumbled upon your blog somehow. I am also going through chronic illness(es) AND I am a student at App. I have totally been feeling the FOMO while I scroll through friends’ social media these past few days. I wish you my best!
    x Haley

  3. So glad you are a fellow blogger! I’m happy to meet you and so glad you are following my blog! I will look forward to new posts from you! I hope you will find my words worthy of your precious time.

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