Bad Pockets

Hey guys-

Lately I’ve been having some really bad pockets. Every so often I have a bad patch of days. My meds are still adjusting so we haven’t hit the right spot yet. I’ve gained some weight which I’m really trying to adjust my eating style because it’s been too much! I ate so much for thanksgiving. You gotta love and hate the holidays. So much good food and so much weight gain. I think that I’ll probably stray away from the holiday food from now on and focus on bettering myself. I really want to measure what I’m eating and shed some lbs. I want to care more about what I put in my body and less on the amazing good holiday food! If anyone has any types or trick please let me know. Hope y’all had a great holiday!


2 thoughts on “Bad Pockets

  1. Hey! I am sure the days will get better! Just remember to look forward to the little things like sleep and showering and smelling really good shampoo! I hope your meds stabilize soon! Have a good day tomorrow 🙂 also good luck on your health journey, I am about to embark on one of my own! Take care!

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