Back to My Happy Place

I just moved into my new apartment. Last night was my second night sleeping in it and it was really nice. I honestly like this apartment way more than my other apartment. Although my other apartment looked nicer, this one is way more “homey” and comfortable. My room is nearly finished but I am waiting on some furniture so when that comes at the end of the month I will take pictures so you guys can see.

I recently also talked to my doctor. My doctor is curious to why I have colitis so I have to have another procedure soon. It just feels like an endless battle. It feels like my treatments/infusions are so far away from reach. I feel kind of hopeless at this point because this process is just so much. I just want to move on with my life and I feel like I am stuck.

I’ve just been in a really bad mood lately. Being my heaviest has put a lot of pressure and self love issues on me. I just look at myself and I am not happy with what I see. I miss being the way I used to look. I honestly didn’t think I was going to get any heavier than my heaviest but I was really wrong. I am back in my routine and eating better. Tomorrow I have my first training session in a while and I am excited but dreading it. I wish I just kept up the exercise so I didn’t have to build back up again. I am hoping I can bounce back fast from this and drop the weight even though it will be much harder until my colitis in under control. Oh be continued.


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