An Open Letter To “Pre-Sickness” Sydney

Hi Sydney-

It’s future me, and boy do I have a lot to tell you. You have no idea this is going to happen to you but you will have your first autoimmune disease flare your senior year of high school. No one is going to figure out what is for about 4 years and you will struggle. Remember how you’re always tired? or you get sun rashes? or weird small headaches? or have a sensitive stomach? Those are all the little signs your body is trying to clue you in on, but you will ignore them and pass them up as “normal”. Live your best life now, because in the future there will be limitations, and you will have to adapt to your “new” lifestyle.

Your body will ache like that of an 80 year old, you will be weak and frail and swollen. You won’t understand why this happened to you, nor will you ever complain about the small things again. You will gain a whole new perspective on life. You will be more appreciative and less pessimistic as time goes on. You will push yourself to defy all odds and get places people would have never expected you to get. People will say things that get you down, but hold your head high because you will surprise them. Even though you were in the hospital most of the year, you will finish your work to graduate high school and you will get to go to the college you dreamed of. By struggling, you will be able to touch a bunch of followers through your blog and make a difference in the world.

Don’t let anyone make you feel less worthy. You may be naive for a while, but you won’t soon. You will be blessed with a journey most people don’t get to go on. Always keeping going even if there are big obstacles, because in the end you will see the light at the end of the tunnel, promise.

With All Love,

Future Sydney


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