A Little Update!

Hey guys!!

You may have noticed I haven’t posted in a while. This is because I had a couple horrible weeks not feeling well coming off a medication. Now that the headache is under control it’s time to work on calming my autoimmune disease down! We have a list of medications we are trying and if all else fails—I will be treat with IV immunoglobulin. Hopefully these meds work (fingers crossed). I feel like this is gonna be a better semester I am feeling a lot better and hoping to get out more! Today was the first day and I’m so glad my classes don’t start until noon. I’m trying to start personal trying and I’m very scared because I have horrible fatigue still. I guess I just gotta try and push through it. My doctor wants me to go three times a week which is a lot but it’s worth the challenge. Hope everyone’s having a great week 🙂 


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