21 Things I Learned Being 21

Although I may not be that old, I feel like I’ve learned a lot so far and I really wanted to share some of the most important life lessons I’ve learned in my 21 short years of life.

1. Life isn’t fair

For sure. This is a big lesson we start learning when we are little.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others

A very hard concept.

3. Money isn’t everything

Money can’t buy you everything.

4. The inside is what matters


5. Don’t judge a book by its cover

You never know what’s going on in someones life.

6. Always be respectful

Even if they aren’t.

7. Don’t fight fire with fire

Though it may be tempting.

8. Be a good friend

So they will be a good one back.

9. Be there for others

It feels rewarding.

10. Be grateful for what you have

Even if it’s not a lot.

11. Cherish every moment

You never know when it’s your last.

12. A bad day isn’t the end of the world

May seem like it that day.

13. Karma is a bitch

Probably the best lesson.

14. Say “Thank you”

You never know who’s day it might make.

15. Tell someone how much they mean to you

Might also make their day.

16. Always try to stay positive

It’s easier to stay negative.

17. Always try your best

No matter what.

18. Do what you think is right

Go with your gut.

19. Love life

Even on it’s worst days.

20. Think happy thoughts

The best way to live.

21. Never forget who raised you

My parents are my best friends and I am forever grateful for them.

Just thought I’d share! What is your biggest lesson you’ve learned?


One thought on “21 Things I Learned Being 21

  1. To be grateful in and for every day… Hence I say enjoy the beauty that is today. Being sick and missing out on a lot has given me a lot to think about.

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