What It’s Like To Watch Yourself Get Sicker

There’s no way to sugar coat it, it sucks. But it also can be very depressing. Imagine living a life where you were just like everyone else. You didn’t have to worry about taking all your medicines or doing too much in a day. You had normal people problems. Now, you look at yourself in […]

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I haven’t had much content to post because I have been having writer’s block and also been busy with school. This week I literally have two projects and a midterm. I’m sort of stressed out to be honest. I know I am only taking 13 credits (now 12 because I had to drop a one […]

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Fab Fit Fun Box Fall 2018

Sooo after seeing this EVERYWHERE I decided to a give a box a go, and see what I get. I did get some great stuff and I cannot wait to start using it. My box retailed at: $369.99. I LITERALLY got EVERYTHING for $39.99. If you’re interested use my code: http://xo.fff.me/kxXXZ. Lets take a look at all the good stuff […]

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