Nervous for School

I am not doing a week #2 update for my diet because my week got kind of messed up from my colonoscopy, I will do one next week! You guys, I am so so nervous for school to start back up. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited but more nervous. I just don’t feel […]

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Weight Loss Week #1

Hey guys- So I have officially been on weight watchers for a week. I didn’t completely keep it strict but I learned I need to. I am only down 1.3 pounds. My illness does have an impact on this making it harder for me to loose weight until I get my infusions but I am […]

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Starting a Weight Loss Journey

Soooo I have started a weight loss journey. I started yesterday to be exact. I just keep looking at my older pictures hoping to snap back. How did I let myself go this bad? I mean some of it (most of it) is not my fault and I am still having trouble accepting it. I […]

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