Wow. I am total disbelief right now. My blog has officially hit 101 countries that are reading. I’ve only had my blog since the end of May. At first, it was just an outlet for me but now it’s so much more. I am so grateful for each and everyone of you guys. I have the most loyal amazing followers in the world and I cannot thank you guys enough. Every comment, every like, every email means so so much to me. I love the fact that I can touch other peoples lives. I am so sorry I rant sometimes, I am not that grumpy all the time. I feel like I am so blessed, this is such an amazing journey. It makes the pain and every awful moment feel like a reward and a blessing. I know I’m not going through this for nothing. This is what I was meant to do–share my story. I didn’t realize it would attract so much attention it’s so awesome. Thank you for everything you guys do, it means the absolute world to me!!


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  1. 101 countries is so cool – I’ve had far fewer so far but I always love seeing the map which shows where my readers are coming from 🙂 Congratulations girl, your blog is amazing and you totally deserve it 🙂 <3

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