10 Essential Things to Remember with Autoimmune Disease

  1. Have a positive attitude and outlook. Nobody likes a downer. It’s better for your health to stay positive and look forward not backward.
  2. Take the high road. People are gonna say stuff, and you just have to ignore and keep your head high. You may loose friends, but that’s okay that just means they weren’t worth having a friendship with.
  3. Be honest with when you need to rest/ get tired Let people know when doing something is too much for you. You don’t want to end up in a worse flair.
  4. Eat right This is so important! Eating right can reduce inflammation, effect your mood and feelings and so much more!
  5. Monitor your sleep Try to get 8 hours of sleep and stay on a pretty strict sleep schedule.
  6. Take your meds on time This is super crucial. If I don’t take my meds on time, I feel awful so always remember when you took your meds last and when you need to take them next. (Write them down if you have to!).
  7. Push yourself to an extent Try to walk down the street and back or go to lunch with a friend. Little activities make big accomplishments.
  8. Stay in touch with your family and friends Don’t shut people off when you’re going through a rough patch. Sometimes just being around friends and family is very comforting.
  9. Ask for help when you need it Don’t suffer. Ask help if you can’t make your own food or go grocery shopping-if the person really cares they will help you no matter what.
  10. Enjoy the little moments (and your good days) Smile. If you’re having less pain or are able to do something take note of it and think about when you can’t. Be so appreciative of this moments.

I want to do a Q & A blog- so if you have a question for me either write it in my contact tab or comment below! Xx


4 thoughts on “10 Essential Things to Remember with Autoimmune Disease

  1. and you can always make a point of actively searching out something in every day that makes you smile/feel happy. 🙂

    … like doing something that you love, Be it active, like walking in your favourite place, or passive like searching the internet for fun furry animal pics.

    Always balance out too much negative with some positive. Sometimes though, we can gain something we need from the negative. It’s important we realise this and don’t just try to totally eliminate all negativity in life.

    Our Universe (and us) would not exist without both the positive and negative. Finding a healthy balance in all things is the key. 🙂


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